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I had an early vision as a teenager to become a wise old woman. I got side-tracked by life logistics and trying to fit into other people’s expectations. I lost connection with my body, got bulimia, suppressed my emotions and completely abandoned my own needs. I chose servicing, pleasing and appeasing as a defence mechanism and survival strategy.


And deep down I had that aching feeling of never being enough,

never doing enough.

At the age of 40+, when my kids moved out and my mother died, I

found myself launched into the quest of finding the answers to

the big life questions: Who am I? What do I want for myself?

What if I want something that is different to the life I’ve built?

Hi, I’m Sille


I’m now on a continuous journey to reconnect with my body, practicing listening to my needs and desires and overcoming my limiting beliefs of what is possible for me. This has allowed me to show up in deep alignment with who I truly am, and want to be, in the world.

And in the process I made it my mission to help others get to the same place of empowerment, ease and alignment. I’ve felt

the pain of withholding who I really am, and of wanting something different than what I have, but not daring to go for it.

What has brought me here?

I have been married for more than 36 years, and we’re still counting. I’ve raised and launched two sons into their own independent existence. I’ve started and run several companies and my professional experience comes from a wide range of businesses and roles. I have worked in organisational development, group development and finally chose to train as a coach in personal growth.

I’ve paid the price of waiting for circumstance to be perfect and losing hope in the process. But here is what I’ve found: it doesn’t have to be that way for you. I got help, and so can you. To move beyond all the thoughts and emotions that hold you back, to build enough energy and courage to create the life that you dream of. I’ve been stuck where you are, and I know how you move out.  

Please check out my LinkedIn-profile for more details about my background.

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