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“Sille has an uncanny and brilliant ability to discern and know when to support, when to ”slay the dragons” or offer an explanation that lands. She is brilliant and understands the universe, the theoretical concepts or theories of how the universe works  -  how energy works  -  and brings that. Where most coaches are working with kind of psychology, or 3-D principles, Sille brings that deeper understanding into the human experience.

She has a deep understanding of how the feminine energy, and feminine body, works and what the feminine wants.

She really thinks about her clients, focuses and works hard. She treats each individual like an individual versus theory or something to fit into her theory.”

Karen Schachter,

Transformational coach

and friend


I sought out Sille because I desired more fulfillment and connection.  I found after half a century on this earth that professional achievements while providing a momentary sense of gratification, were insufficient for the kind of meaning that I wanted.  In addition, I recognized that I was caught up in many patterns of relationships that repeated themselves in unfortunate ways. 


Working with Sille, I found the tools to break out of old and unhelpful ways of perceiving the world and focusing on living moment to moment.  She aided me adopting ways of exploring the world in a far richer way – seeing the fulfillment and wonder, frankly, of what I used to do or see without a moment of reflection.  Sille also helped me see that there were ways of perceiving others which were more about unfortunate experiences I had previously in my life rather than what was actually going on. Letting go of these fetters is liberating.  

More than anything, what I gained are tools for interacting with the world in a way that makes me more fulfilled and a better leader.  Whether with Family or colleagues, friends or experiences, I think that Sille assisted me in viewing these relationships in different ways that allow for greater fulfillment.”


male lawyer,


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