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you to you

through intimacy

Why are you here?

You know there is more to life but don’t really know what you want deep down

You struggle to feel enough and have a hard time expressing what you think, feel and need

You feel stuck and tired because you look for validation outside of yourself

You long for more emotional connection, honesty and intimacy in your relationships

You are ready to finally find your inner courage and commit to a life with more confidence, fulfilment and joy

If your answer is yes, I know how it feels. And I am here to help you:







Transformational coaching

It doesn’t

have to be

that hard

Most people think that the road to connection, success and wellbeing comes through pushing, pleasing and doing, doing, doing.

I believe that there is an alternative way.

I help you find your inner truth so you can move forward with purpose and power.

How it works
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Building blocks


Your heart, mind, body and soul hold the answers that you are looking for.

Into-Me-I-See helps you understand, accept and like yourself and brings you into deeper alignment with what gives you joy, fulfilment and wellbeing.


We explore intimacy on a wider, holistic level. It is about you becoming free to express your deepest desires, needs, thoughts and emotions, from deep within you.

Your transformation happens, as we dive deep into all four core elements. 


 The coaching sessions and integrative exercises continuously support you to:

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Dial up the voice of your desires, expand your emotional comfort zone and

cultivate a self compassionate strong inner voice, through the power of your heart.

7 Mind_Rubrik_vit.png

Wield your power of observations, sharpen your focus and set intentions

for what lights you up, through the power of your mind.

6 Body_Rubrik_svart.png

Improve your breathing and connection to your bodily sensations and start

practices that fill you up with energy, through the power of your body.

8 Soul_Rubrik_svart.png

Uncover what it is you really want and aligning who you ARE with what you DO, through the power of your soul.

Roadmap to how we move you forward

Know what you want.png

Know what

you want

Connect your body.png

Connect to

your body

Overcome limiting beliefs.png


limiting beliefs

Ignite your actions.png

Ignite your


Know what you want.png

You get clarity of your needs, desires and passions. Knowing where you want

to ”go” or who you want to live as in the world, is the first key.

Connect your body.png

You improve your breathing, your focus and cultivate the energy of joy. Making sure

you fill yourself up first and treat your body kindly, is the second key.

Overcome limiting beliefs.png

You cultivate empowering beliefs and practice believing them. Knowing which thoughts

to pay attention to and amplify and which thoughts to ignore, is the third key.

Ignite your actions.png

You practice new behaviours and experience life in more peace, power, purpose,

passion and joy. Turning newfound knowledge, insights and energy into everyday

action, is key number four.

With my support, tailored challenges and your dedicated self-work we unlock and expand your

ability for self-intimacy and relational intimacy in the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical realm.

Why book a free exploratory session? 

An exploratory sessions is the fastest way for you to get clear on what you really want and need, experience what it is like to coach with me and understand which Into-Me-I-See program is right for you.

You can only be as intimate with someone else as you can be with yourself.


As you move through any of the Into-Me-I-See programs, you will expand your ability to be intimate

mentally, emotionally, spiritually, energetically and should you want to, also physically.


Into-Me-I-See is a system upgrade of the deeply transformational kind.

Choose the commitment level that matches where you want to go:


Basic level – signature program

Into-Me-I-See Core

Basic level - individual deeper dive

Into-Me-I-See Expand

Basic level - individual professionals

Into-Me-I-See Work

Advanced level - for couples


Karens Schachter.jpeg

“Sille has an uncanny and brilliant ability to discern and know when to support, when to ”slay the dragons” or offer an explanation that lands.


She is brilliant and understands the universe, the theoretical concepts or theories of how the universe works  -  how energy works  -  and brings that. Where most coaches are working with kind of psychology, or 3-D principles, Sille brings that deeper understanding into the human experience.

She has a deep understanding of how the feminine energy, and feminine body, works and what the feminine wants.

She really thinks about her clients, focuses and works hard. She treats each individual like an individual versus theory or something to fit into her theory.”

Karen Schachter,

Transformational coach

and friend


"I sought out Sille because I desired more fulfillment and connection. I found after half a century on this earth that professional achievements, while providing a momentary sense of gratification, were insufficient for the kind of meaning that I wanted.  In addition, I recognized that I was caught up in many patterns of relationships that repeated themselves in unfortunate ways.  

Working with Sille, I found the tools to break out of old and unhelpful ways of perceiving the world and focusing on living moment to moment.  She aided me adopting ways of exploring the world in a far richer way – seeing the fulfillment and wonder, frankly, of what I used to do or see without a moment of reflection. 


Sille also helped me see that there were ways of perceiving others which were more about unfortunate experiences I had previously in my life rather than what was actually going on. Letting go of these fetters is liberating.  

More than anything, what I gained are tools for interacting with the world in a way that makes me more fulfilled and a better leader.  Whether with Family or colleagues, friends or experiences, I think that Sille assisted me in viewing these relationships in different ways that allow for greater fulfillment".  


Male lawyer,


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Hi, I'm Sille

I had an early vision as a teenager to become a wise old woman. I got side-tracked by life logistics and trying to fit into other people’s expectations. I lost connection with my body, got bulimia, suppressed my emotions and completely abandoned my own needs. I chose servicing, pleasing and appeasing as a defence mechanism and survival strategy. And deep down I had that aching feeling of never being enough, never doing enough.



of Into-Me-I-See coaching 

You already have everything that you need inside of you. You hold the answers. You direct your attention. You apply the willpower. You take the action.


And, you might have forgotten what you know deep down, gotten scared or discouraged by life events.

You might have gotten really comfy and lazy in your habits. Or maybe you lost your way in the confusion

of too many choices. Or, simply exhausted yourself

by pleasing and appeasing others. We can all easily

go there. The question is, how long do you stay there

and what do you do to bring yourself forward?

I believe that if you want to reach higher levels of wellbeing, empowerment and joy in your life, you have to do the work to uncover your innermost truth.


And tap into the courage to express it.


That journey is all about intimacy, with yourself and others.


I help you find your inner truth so you can move forward with purpose, power and ease.